...a moment that will shape our memory and define our life events.

Magic of artistic inspirational images was always great influence towards creative ideas and endeavours in my life. 

Experiencing photography, for me, is beneficial, engaging, multileveled experience as with any other art form. Except looking at, I feel the image at a deeper level as well, and then my experience becomes more profound and complex. All the passion, talent and a vision of the artist is left embedded in that moment of decision when to release the shutter. That is the moment of creative bliss when artistic expression and all the layers of experience are captured in an image and continue to radiate it’s message throughout generations to come. That power has to be felt with the whole being. That is the power and a meaning of Art and Art brings a meaning to life.
Art of photography or magic of capturing...
”Flexaret automat”  by          Meopta was my first  camera...read on ➔About_AVP.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0
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